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1.º Rooftop Metting

1.ºEuropean Rooftop Metting
January 10 and 11
Faro – Algarve – Portugal
Hosted by the Municipalaty of Faro


What´s this?
Concern whit the sustainable development of urban space is a reality in all European countries. Several governmental and nongovernmental organizations are thinking and reflecting on public space and on how cities will grow and develop. There is a concern today with the environment, with the sense of community, with the use of space. It is increasingly urgent to think about the urban space and how we use it. Rooftops are spaces often overlooked by cities. We often ignore that we have hundreds of square meters of space above our house. Rooftops are one of the largest unused areas of cities. If we want the cities of the future to be better, more environmentally friendly, more efficient, and capable of generating better personal relationships, we have to take action. Rooftops are a good way to look into the future. From above.


Rooftop Festivals and Rooftop organizations?
Yes, rooftop festivals and rooftops organizations! In several European countries, several activists and organizations have begun to hold festivals whose main objective is to draw attention to the rooftops of their cities. There are festivals with a more environmental and urban purpose, other festivals more dedicated to cultural and creative issues and others more focused on architectural issues. All are important because they draw attention to the rooftops and their low usage. The existing festivals have different forms of functioning and organization but all share a vision of the future in which the top is no longer an empty space to be a space with people, with life. But we do not just talk about festivals. Today there are several organizations in Europe that are thinking about rooftops and developing projects in several cities for their use. We are seeking people that think and act on Rooftops. Getting them togheter seems a good idea.


Why meet whit eachouther?
The world today is small and it has increasingly networked space. The existence of people with common objectives and working in the same direction in different countries is normal. We could easily find people with the same concerns. We can easily find cities that share the same ideas of the future. It makes sense that these people can share experiences, exchange information and build networks that can support their causes. Cultural exchange is fundamental for building a stronger and more cohesive idea of Europe. We believe that together we can create projects that will be of interest to many. We believe that we can motivate and inspire others to start similar projects in their cities. So yes, it makes sense to join and speak with each other.


Faro, Portugal? Why go there?
Faro is a city located in the Algarve region in the south of Portugal. It´s a city with 65 thousand inhabitants. Its front has a huge area of water that divides it from a group of small islands of sand that protect it (and push it away) from the sea. Despite being a city with more than 300 days of sunshine per year, it is a city that makes little use of its rooftops. And there are quite a few plan rooftops that are great for carrying out various activities. Faro is in a transitional phase. A set of new projects will change the relationship of the city with its water front. The culture and creativity are to be at the center of our action in the coming years. Faro wants to premote rooftops in 2019. Faro wants to premote rooftos in a network logic. We want to count on the support and knowledge of other cities to create something that, being ours, is from all over Europe. Welcome to Faro, our city, your city!


1.º European Rooftop Metting - Proposed program

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